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Message from the Director


We help all students excel! If you take lower-level courses in Chemistry, Physics, or Biology, the Science Center offers free, unlimited drop-in tutoring, dedicated space for lower-level chemistry and biology students, computers, and other resources to help you do well. We even help with many upper-level classes as well--ask us about specific courses. Learn more about our caring and knowledgeable staff. Even if you don't need tutoring, the Center is a great place to meet friends, study, eat your lunch, and just relax. Come visit us.

甘肃快3代理My office is in the Science Center and my door is always open. You're welcome to drop by anytime. I can help you with advising for course work, and we can talk about your career goals or anything else you want. Perhaps you would like to work in the Science Center.

甘肃快3代理The Excel Science Center is located in Centennial Hall 204, and my office is in the southwest corner of the Center. Let's talk.

Dr. Jerry L. Phillips

News and Announcements

Over the winter break we've installed electrical outlets for you. Each table has multiple outlets available, so bring in your laptops and work without interruption.
Tutoring for Chem 1001, 1201/1211, 1401/1411, and Biol 1300/1350 students
If you're taking one of these chemistry or biology classes, our instructional room, CENT 202, is reserved for you! Come in, grab a seat, study, and if you need help, tutors are available to help. Of course, our main room and computers are still available to you as well. Let us know what we can do to help.
Did you know...
students who come to the Science Center on the average do better by ONE FULL LETTER GRADE than students who do not? It's true! We're a great place to study and relax...and yes, we provide the best help available if you need it. Come see what we can do for you.
Check out our anatomy models!
If you're taking Biol 2010/2020 or Biol 4350, we have anatomy models to help you study. We have two complete skeletons, muscle models of the arm and leg, models of the liver and gallbladder, kidney, larynx, skull, pelvis, and more. Stop by.
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Do you want to be a tutor in the SC?
If you enjoy helping others understand science as well as you do, perhaps you'd like to work in the Science Center. Stop by and talk with the director to learn what's required.

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甘肃快3代理8:00am - 7:00pm


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